Lukovit, Bulgaria
2 Dimitar Talev Str.
Post code - 5770


+359 697 / 550 90; 550 92
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Diplomat Business Group is a holding structure uniting various companies with various scopes of activities – trade, tourism, transport, marketing, advertising, entertainment, etc. In all our fields of operation we have one general goal – improvement of our customer’s lifestyle through the provision of high-quality products and services. This is the fundamental on which we are building up the prosperity of our companies and of our employees.


We achieve our goals based on fundamental values:

• The Customers - The customers are the most important to us. We understand their needs and do our best to meet their wishes and even exceed their expectations.

• The Employees - Our employees are our most valuable resource and we count on their professionalism, qualifications and experience. We make every endeavour to fully utilise their skills and to further develop their competence.

• Sustainable development - To ensure growth that guarantees the return on investments for the owners and safety for the employees.

• Continuous improvement - Our permanent goal is to continuously improve our activities in every aspect. We strive to change for the better each day.

• Upright partnership - Maintenance of mutually beneficial relations with the producers, suppliers and trading companies based on mutual trust and bon ton.

• Social responsibility - We provide health-friendly and safe labour environment for our company employees. We offer our customers high-grade products and services to enhance the quality of their lifestyle.

• Environment protection - We devise energy saving products under the Diplomat trademark, and their use results not only in saving of energy, but also in preservation of nature.