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Diplomat Advertising

Diplomat Advertising is an Advertising & Communication Agency, in charge of the communications of the companies within Diplomat Business Group, as well as of other business structures. We prepare market analyses for the branch and researches on the communicative activity of the major competitors and work out integrated marketing communications. After we come to know in details a particular product or service, we offer effective messages for communications addressed to the end customers with the purpose to enhance your sales.

Services offered by Diplomat Advertising:

  • • planning and implementation of advertising and publicity campaigns
  • • design
  • • printed advertisements: graphic design, pre-printer’s preparation, and printing of advertising matter
  • • advertising souvenirs
  • • out - door: billboards, signboards, etc.
  • • graphic, spatial, TV, cd and web design
  • • working out of company logos

The major aim of the services we offer is to make our messages always reach the particular person. We provide PR-planning and efficient relations with the media, we organize and hold original events. We develop corporative and personal images to meet the prevailing notions, system of values and experiences of the respective target group.

We develop PR-strategies always conformed to the specificity of the product or service type. It determines also the choice of the respective media, appropriate events and method of establishment of a whole positive image in the eyes of the customers

We create the idea and design for the preferred information carriers (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, Internet).

We aim at the establishment of a corporative identity and first-class image for our customers.

Our advantage when compared to other agencies is that we are close to You and we are able to save your time.