Lukovit, Bulgaria
2 Dimitar Talev Str.
Post code - 5770


+359 697 / 550 90; 550 92
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+359 885 / 205 757


+359 697 / 534 94

“Diplomat Consultant’s House” Ltd.

The major sphere of activity of “Diplomat Consultant’s House” Ltd. is the provision of financial, accounting and legal services. We offer our customers:

Accounting services – single, subscription and annual.

• Single accounting services
- Accounting attendance for a certain period of time within the fiscal year
- Single consultations
- Annual accounting attendance

• Subscription accounting services
- Monthly accounting attendance
- Quarterly accounting attendance
- Half-year accounting attendance
- Annual accounting attendance

Depending on the range of work the various forms of accounting services are, as follows:

Complex accounting attendance – covers all the activities required for the attendance of our customers:
monthly book-keeping of ledgers, preparation and filing of journals of purchases and sales, VAT reference statements, preparation of pay-rolls and social security and insurance payments, labour agreements, tax return statements under the Corporate Income Charging Act, Natural Persons Income Charging and one-off tax.

Specialised accounting attendance – choosing one or more of the listed services.

• Legal services
- Registration of Sole Traders, Single-member limited companies (Ltd.) and Limited Liability Companies (Ltd.)
- Re-registration of companies
- Legal aid and labour relations legal advices